This is a guideline to work with a DCF worker:

 1.  Be polite- offer a water, seat etc.  This is obvious but can make a big difference.

 2.  Do not be hostile-  you can disagree with their conclusions and even attitude but realize they are going to be reporting back to their supervisors and court

3.  Do not roll over- you may want to sign releases, service plans etc. but it may be advisable to go over these with an attorney or at least have time to review it.

4.  Attorneys are jerks ( or at least that is how we are viewed).  Attorneys jobs at times are to obstruct matters.  At any point, if you do not want to talk about a certain subject or sign s0mething right away- talk to you attorney and put the blame on him or her.  EG- I would be glad to sign this or talk about this but my attorney said not to without him being present ( reviewing it etc).

 5.  Have the attorney present with you at some or all the meetings

6.  Have a list of witnesses and documents for DCF to speak to if applicable.  Generally, more service providers such as schools teachers, doctors and so forth

7.  Send letters and keep copies verifying your understanding of what happened.