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As you probably guessed the answer is YES! Be very careful what you post. I have seen people claim to have no money in front of a judge and be confronted with Facebook posts of expensive vacations or new cars. I have seen many cases where one parent badmouths the other ( and sometimes the […]

In many counties in Massachusetts an ARC attorney can be appointed to represent the child’s voice. It is a pro bono program ( there is no costs to the parties). The ARC attorney acts as the child’s voice in court. This is not available in DCF C&P cases( child counsel may be appointed through CPCS) […]

Client information records is something that DCF keeps; particularly when it is related to a child that is in a care and custody matter of DCF. There is also information in something that is called the “Central Registry”. This is where it is confirmed the alleged victims of child abuse or neglect. Examples of some […]

The RMV has reasonable discretion for hardship license abut the criteria for a first offense includes: 1. No evidence of driving a care since the revocation 2. A qualified 24 D program 3. All other revocations have been completed( eg license suspended for something else) 4. You enter a program for 24D and have letterhead […]

Removing a minor child from MA usually requires consent of both parents or a court order. The standard is a “real advantage” which means that the parent seeking removal must show a “good sincere reason” for the move. the court should assess the child’s best interest. There are differences depending on if prior agreement and […]

In DCF cases with a 51A and 51B investigation there are some time periods that are needing to be looked at. For the 51A’s, if they are “Screened Out” it means that there is no further investigation and some of the time DCF decides that it is not warranted of DCF involvement if the allegations […]

A CRA can be dismissed if the goals of the CRA have been met; 390 days from the date of when the case resolves. When a child turns a certain age (if truant or school offender CRA) it will be 16 years old and it will be 18 years old for the other CRA’s; or […]

The parent or guardian has the right to attend all court hearings. They have a right to be represented by an attorney at any court hearing. If the Judge considers ordering custody to someone other than the parent where the court can appoint one for the parent or guardian, if the parent or guardian cannot […]

For DCF to get emergency temporary custody of a child, DCF needs to go to Juvenile Court with an Affidavit; which is a statement under oath usually by a DCF worker and the supervisor telling the Judge why DCF believes that it is necessary to remove the child(ren) from the custody of his/her parent or […]

If the parents are never married, who has physical and legal custody? In Massachusetts if the parents are not married the mother has sole physical and legal custody. This means that the father would need to go to court to get a court order to have joint or his own sole physical or own sole […]