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Affordable Attorney Our Taunton Office Bankruptcy Due to COVID-19?

Bankruptcy Due to COVID-19?

My clients are hardworking good people who have been going through difficult times. Bankruptcy allows people a fresh start. Clients may end up building better credit after you have completed your bankruptcy because you may be debt free or at least a better debt ratio.

If you are considering or need to file bankruptcy related to impacts from COVID-19

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Our Taunton Office

Alexander established a law office in Taunton in 1995, practicing law throughout Massachusetts with emphasis on Bristol and Plymouth counties.

  • Adjacent to Taunton Courthouse
  • On and off street parking
  • Historic Taunton Center
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Affordable Attorney

Attorney Nesson’s goal is to provide quality legal representation at reasonable and affordable rates. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but Alexander Nesson will keep costs affordable. The initial half hour consultation is free.

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It is a very scary time. The health risks are the biggest concern but the concerns about economy are very troubling as well. There is little in the way of safety net for most people. People are worried about jobs, bills, debt and much more. You might have more money going out every month than […]

An Evidentiary Hearing is a hearing where the judge decides about one part of the case.  This can include deciding which parent would be awarded custody of the children. A trial is considered the final hearing except for an appeal where the judge decides all remaining issues and can grant the final divorce. The trial […]

There have been significant studies that show the children that are removed or that the parents are unwilling to parent are much more stable and less traumatized if they are placed with a relative than with families that are not related to them and these studies have been recognized both by the courts and by […]

Even if you are not approved as a foster care provider and if you are nominated in Juvenile Court you can get a 3rd party custody through a 72-hour hearing or temporary custody hearing.  You can file for guardianship in Juvenile Court, custody or an adoption through the Juvenile Court or for a grandparent visitation.  […]

Kinship Care can mean a lot of things and it can mean a different thing in Juvenile Court or with DCF, in Probate and Family Court and informally.  Informally meaning not through the courts. It can mean being an informal caregiver and it can also mean doing something that is called a “Caregiver’s Affidavit” which […]

This is not official, but it appears that at least the Taunton DCF office is closed on Mach 16th and March 17th and the DCF offices in the state maybe closed or very limited because of the coronavirus.

Probate and Family Court Standing Order 1-20 District Court – [] Please look at the links for the most up to date information. This is not official. It is still can change but it appears in District Court that Jury Trials that have not begun that are between March 13th and April 17th shall be […]

Probate and Family Court Standing Order 1-20 Juvenile Court – [] Please look at the links for the most up to date information. This is not official. Given the actual circumstances by the Coronavirus for Care & Protection matters or DCF cases the custody hearings the Judge may have done by video conference or telephone.  […]