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Our Taunton Office

Alexander established a law office in Taunton in 1995, practicing law throughout Massachusetts with emphasis on Bristol and Plymouth counties.

  • Adjacent to Taunton Courthouse
  • On and off street parking
  • Historic Taunton Center
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Affordable Attorney

Attorney Nesson’s goal is to provide quality legal representation at reasonable and affordable rates. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but Alexander Nesson will keep costs affordable. The initial half hour consultation is free.

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Generally, it is Probate and Family Court that handle custody, visitation and parenting decisions. Examples, can be involved in divorce cases; or where the parties are not married, which can include determining paternity and other issues. District Courts can handle restraining orders or 209A orders and can make custody orders short term. At times (particularly […]

It is a Continued Without a Finding; which is a type of a criminal disposition that generally needs to occur before trial. It is called an Admission to Sufficient Facts. There can be conditions and a probation term. What happens in Admission to Sufficient Facts is that if the person admitted to the facts that […]

At the 289 Rock Street in Fall River, is one of the locations of the Bristol Probate and Family Court along with the Bristol Juvenile Court. There is meter parking on the street immediately surrounding the court house along with off-street parking. There is also handicap parking in the court but beyond that, there is […]

Check list for Life Insurance: 1. Identifying what life insurance? 2. What the cash value there would be? 3. Find out if it is a whole life policy, what the amount would be or what the death benefit would be. 4. Who has the ownership and responsibility for payment of the premium? 5. Who is […]

This can include whether there should be a waiver of future alimony or not and the amount of alimony, if any. 1. If it was determined, when and why? 2. When the payments would be made? If there would be any. 3. Would use modifications and how it is calculated. 4. Whether there is a […]

On the checklist regarding child support it would include: 1. The amount of child support. 2. The net of establishing the support, if you are using the child support guidelines or something else. 3. Talk about if you would be having the Department of Revenue take the child support directly out of your pay; or […]

Starting a check list for Divorce/Separation Agreement. The first two aspects of it includes: 1. Identifying information such as the names and addresses of the parties; along with the date and place of the marriage. 2. The names and dates of birth of the children. The second provision is regarding custody. 1. That has several […]

In G.L. Ch. 210, Section 12, it allows for a petition to change a name of a person and that can be heard by Probate Court in the county where the person resides. The change of name shall be granted unless it is inconsistent with public interest. It is the idea that it is a […]