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Our Taunton Office

Alexander established a law office in Taunton in 1995, practicing law throughout Massachusetts with emphasis on Bristol and Plymouth counties.

  • Adjacent to Taunton Courthouse
  • On and off street parking
  • Historic Taunton Center
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Affordable Attorney

Attorney Nesson’s goal is to provide quality legal representation at reasonable and affordable rates. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but Alexander Nesson will keep costs affordable. The initial half hour consultation is free.

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What is a Guardian?                                                                              A Guardian is usually a person who is appointed by the court and authorized to make decisions for another person; sometimes known as a “Ward.”  The Guardians are appointed for individuals who the court determines not capable of managing their own affairs.  The Court considers most minors of being incapable of […]

There appears to be a proposed agreement in Massachusetts between the defense attorneys and the DA’s office because of the breathalyzer test problems since 2015 with some of the flaws.  A great deal of the breathalyzers was shown to have flaws and showing to have issues with the evidence.  It is not yet approved by […]

What is a QDRO?  A QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.  It is a mechanism that the Courts allow to divide retirement accounts in divorces. The technical requirements and it needs to be approved by the Court and it needs to be in conformity with the retirement account as well.  It is a way […]

Should I try and hide or move my assets to protect them prior to filing for divorce?  No.  Not only is it unethical to do so, but you could get into trouble because of you filing documents under the pains and penalties of perjury and testifying before the Judge.  In addition, even beyond getting in […]

In Massachusetts can Pets be part of the Divorce?  When couples divorce, people fight over a lot of different things. Many times, it is financial, such as marital homes, businesses or pensions. There are also custody disputes about children. However, it is becoming more frequent that there are disputes about pets.  Most of the time […]

At a DCF Fair Hearing can Hearsay Evidence and Credibility Issues be brought up?  The Fair Hearing Officer determines what evidence is reliable enough to be used at the Fair Hearing. They may allow hearsay evidence which is evidence that is not made by somebody that is present at the hearing, but by somebody that […]

In DCF Fair Hearings, what does a Litigant need to Prove at the DCF Fair Hearing?  The parent or caretaker must show that the DCF 51A Investigators decision that was supported by reasonable cause or substantial evidence. The Fair Hearing determines whether DCF decisions or the actions that they took violated regulations or that DCF […]

In Massachusetts what are some general paperwork that is helpful to have in a Divorce?  Gathering various documents and keeping them outside the marital home would be beneficial. Obtaining a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the town or city you were married in.  A church certificate is not valid, and the certificate needs […]