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           Generally, most attorneys will give you a flat fee that either adds on or includes a $306.00 filing fee that the attorneys would pay for with their credit card.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcies range in terms of, if it is a Joint Petition or Individual Petition and how many creditors and what the involvement is and […]

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to filing Bankruptcy.  Most people that are considering filing for Bankruptcy have issues with their credit and credit scores already.  One of the things about a Bankruptcy is that it gets rid of the debt in the Chapter 7 in approximately 3 to 4 months and you have that […]

Under a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, it is different than a simple Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  However, Chapter 13 does allow you to get rid of debts like medical bills, bank loans, credit cards and loans, finance company loans.  However, instead of getting rid of it immediately, like it occurs in a Chapter 7, you have to […]

One of the real advantages of a Bankruptcy is that there is something called an “Automatic Stay,” and what that means is that once you have filed for Bankruptcy you get that Bankruptcy protection; which says that creditors cannot call you, they cannot send you letters and they cannot communicate with you unless they have […]

          Most of the time in Chapter 7 Bankruptcies, they are over 90% of no asset cases.  What that means is that there are a lot of exemptions, and they are either under the state or federal exemptions, which basically allows people to keep the variety of property that they have.  In Massachusetts, it has […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the few avenues that you can permanently get rid of most forms of unsecured debt.  Unsecured debt includes credit card bills, medical bills, bank loans, finance loans and credit union loans; also it can potentially help you get rid of debt from failed businesses, personal guarantees and also help […]

The American Bar Association provides tips which are very useful if you are facing a deposition.  The first one is the most important is to tell the truth. Second, is to listen very well to the question. If you need to pause and think as long as necessary before answering and make sure that you […]

          A CHINS stands for a Child In Need of Services and in Massachusetts there are 4 types of CHINS. Two types deal with home based issues.  One of them is a Stubborn child, which means that the child does not obey the lawful commands of the parent.  The second one is a CHINS Runaway, […]

Many times cities have ordinances that become crimes and people; including juveniles can actually be committed on the City Ordinances.  A lot of the times they are written imperfectly or unconstitutionally with the US Constitution or the Massachusetts Constitution and there are ways that are overbroad or too far reaching and many times you can […]

           There is some controversy about whether prior to any involvement with the courts whether you should cooperate with DCF or formerly known as DSS.  It depends always on the situation.  Some attorneys would tell you never open the door for them, never cooperate with them at all, but you would have to understand that […]