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          It is with any Taunton and near by residences might know a new court house has opened up in downtown Taunton.  It is on 40 Broadway Street. Right now it is fully open to Juvenile Court and District Court and cases are also being heard there and being moved from 120 Cohannet Street.  In […]

            In a bankruptcy it can cancel your debt; however, you have the option to “Reaffirm” a debt. If you do so, then you are legally obligated to pay the debt despite the bankruptcy.  That means that if the debt is not cancelled by the bankruptcy, if you fall behind on the Reaffirm Debt you […]

            The legislation under Chapter 92 of the Acts of 2010 signed into law last spring.  There are some potential benefits and risks for children with disabilities.  It obligates schools to initiate an anti-bullying prevention and retaliation prevention measures and other issues. It is a question about how the schools are responding to these new […]

In order to apply for a hardship license, you need to have documentation.  You must have a letter from your employer on letterhead.  This letter must explain your need for a license to get to work.  You need to bring original documents, not copies.  The letter can not be more than 30 days old.  It […]

As a pet lover with two cats and two dogs, I understand how pets become part of the family.  The law allowing pet trusts makes it easy to plan for the care of your pets if you become disabled or die.  The pet trust became a law in Massachusetts on April 7, 2011.  It allows […]

The results of a bankructy will be part of you credit record for ten years from the date you field your bankrupcty.  This does not mean that you can not get a car, credit card, loan or home.  A  bankruptcy is just about always considered a negative event on your   fico score.  However, the impact depends on […]

In a bankruptcy, you are generally able to cancel your debts.  There is an option to reaffrim  your debt in writting.  If you reaffirm you are then legally obligated to pay your debt despite the bankrupcty.  It is alway optional and you may change your mind on any reaffirmation filed within 60 days.  The reaffirm […]

There are many misconceptions about criminal records in MA.  Juvenile cases are not easy to view, however, the charges do show up on your record.  Even a CWOF , not guilty or dismissal will show up.  Getting a juvenile record expunged is generally not possible under MA law.  The records may be sealed upon an […]

This is a big mistake that many people make.  The case is the ‘commonwealth” or “state” and the alleged victim is simply a witness.  In general, the da’s office does not want to dismiss cases.  The prosecutor considers what the alleged victim wants but it is not what controls the case.  Many times, there are […]

The debt that you still owe include: Child Support, Alimony and spousal support; Student loans( there are a few exceptions); Most tazes; Most criminal fines and related court costs, drunk driving injury claims; any money that a creditor can show in court that is was borrowed by false pretense.