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In MA ,there is no legal seperation.   There are some confusion over the term.  There are temporary orders while a divorce is pending that many consider a legal seperation.  There is also sperate suppport action but that is only best for people who want to rmeain married.  Other an informal seperation a legal seperation but […]

Deseration is a cause of action that is in a divorce called “utter deseration” for one year.  It is rare that this cause of action is met.  Moving out has many factors and may be one of the most important early decisions in a divorce.  It may make it harder for the other spouse to […]

In MA, in order to file a complaint for divorce, probate court must have jurisdiction.  One of the spouses must be a resident of MA if the grounds for divorce occred in MA.  The residency requirement is one year.  The action is heard in the county where one of the parties lives except that if […]

No one plans on getting arrested for an OUI.  Many people with Melanie’s law are looking to plead out rather than face a trial.  However, there are many benefits to going to trial.  First, each case is different but there are very good odds of being able to win an OUI case, especially if there […]

More people had filed for bankrupcty since the law was amended in 2005.  Over 1.5 million people filed.  Their has been an increase in those earning over $60,000 and thos with better education.  The combination of poor housing market, still very tough job market and the minimal societal safety net makes bankruptcy one of the […]

Getting a divorce is hard and stessfull.  In MA, it is not a 50-50 state but an equitable distribution state.  It is important to make sure you get what is owed to you.  In many instances it is not cut and dry.  You should speak to an experienced lawyer to figure out the options.  You […]

There is a new trend with consumer being more likely to pay credit card payments before mortage payments.  Part of this may be due to the high unemployment and decline in home values.  In bankruptcy, your credit card debt may likely be discharged and you can protect your house

As most people are aware there are a lot of concerns about social media with issues of privacy and concerns about who you and your children might be “friending”.   In today’s legal climate there are a lot of legal risks associated with the internet that people are not aware of.  It is a fairly common […]

1.  Look at options- is bankrupty right for you.  Look at the options, is a legal debt settlement a possibility or a different type of chapter such as chapter 13. 2.  Find an attorney that can provide good advice.  Many attornies inclduing myself offer a free intitial meeting 3.  Be Honest- full disclosure is needed.  […]

The courts have a long history of involvement with issues related to parental rights and obligations. With rapidly changing societal norms and the ease of paternity testing, there has been a great deal of confusion about the definition of a “legal parent” and even what constitutes a “family”. In Massachusetts there was a very controversial […]