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When you file for divorce in Massachusetts you have to determine whether to state a ground or reason for the divorce and it can be either based on fault or no fault. If it is a no-fault divorce you don’t have to blame your spouse for the divorce and that is a more common situation.

The answer is yes and no.  It can only be retroactive to the date that you have the other side served the Complaint for Modification. So, if it is something that you waited years to do, it is only until the other side gets notice through the return of service on the Complaint for Modification. 

Massachusetts does not have a statute of limitations on enforcing child support orders.  There can be times when it can occur years and years after the fact where there can be a Complaint for Contempt.

A child support order is a legal obligation. If the non-custodial parent doesn’t pay, he or she can be held in contempt and fined or sent to jail. Also, his or her license may be suspended (along with any professional license).

You or your attorney can go and file a Complaint for Modification.  Sometimes you can ask the Department of Revenue to help file a Complaint for Modification or you can reach an agreement with the other side and do a Joint Stipulation on a Complaint for Modification to either terminate child support, reduce or increase […]

Generally speaking, child support continues until the age of 18 and. Under certain circumstances, the court may order payments to continue to age 21 if the child lives with a parent and is principally dependent on them for support.

The Guidelines represent up to 30 percent of gross combined income for two children, and up to 35 percent for five children.

Massachusetts has one of the highest Child Support Guidelines. There has been a new Child Support Guideline as of October 4, 2021, but historically Massachusetts also had one of the higher amounts of child support for the person paying child support in Massachusetts.

The new minimum orders are between $12 and $20 per week for gross incomes ranging from less than $210 per week up to $249 per week. Above $249 per week the regular guidelines calculation applies. This is highlighted by the shaded section in the 2021 Child Support Guidelines Chart.

It depends.  This is something that would be advantageous to a least get a copy of the records if you are able to.  There are ways that attorneys can subpoena some of the records and some of the therapeutic records for the child if there is a valid therapist patient privilege you might need a […]