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The criminal justice system is a big bureaucracy.   If charged you want to get out of the bureaucracy.  One issue is to look closely at the police report and to determine if there are sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime.   You can file a motion to dismiss arguing that even if you assume […]

In MA, child support is generally one of the more straightforward areas.  There is a guideline or formula that would be used and the Court is supposed to make a written finding if the guidelines are not being used within 2 percentage point.  The typical formula first looks at what the income for the recipient […]

In criminal law, a lot of people will tell you to plea bargain right away.  Even if you committed the crime, the state has the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and you are presumed to be innocent.  There are a lot of factual and legal defenses you have.  You can ask that the […]

I have been in the midst of  a long trial dealing with the issues of the so called family first policy versus possible bonds with a prior foster family.  Their have been several experts in the case dealing with bonding versus the identity issues with biological family.  This appears to be a cutting edge issues.  […]

I had my first harassment hearing in Juvenile Court.  This is a new statute passed by the MA legislature with very little case law.   Some consider it very similar to the 209A( restraining order) but without the need to have a particular relationship.  The plaintiff does need to show three or more acts that are […]

There are several areas that you should look for when hiring an attorney.  Here are 4 areas to focus on.  1. Control-make sure you know who is calling the shots.  The attorney should make sure to discuss your role as the client versus the lawyers and that you are the one ultimately in control. 2.  […]

My law practice has been very busy the last few weeks.  In criminal courts, some highlights include a very serious felony charge that was dismissed based on my motion and arguments and legal memo on lack of speedy trial, I also had an A&B case dismissed, had a juvenile case with diversion prior to arraignment, […]

Each week it seems like Homer has some plan to make money but ends up losing lots of money. It appears that the Simpsons would have a lot of debt with a moderate income. The families expenses would appear to be higher than the income. If the family qualifies, the family should file a chapter […]

My PMC Ride and how to use to donate and help with your legal fees.  What in in for you.  From now into September 1,2010 if you contribute up to 100 dollars, I will reduce your bill by the same half that amount.  So if you notify me and contribute $100 , I will take […]

This is a guideline to work with a DCF worker:  1.  Be polite- offer a water, seat etc.  This is obvious but can make a big difference.  2.  Do not be hostile-  you can disagree with their conclusions and even attitude but realize they are going to be reporting back to their supervisors and court […]