There are changes
right now including a standing order in the Probate and Family Court that override
a previous standing order which says whenever practical and
possible, an approved parent education provider may facilitate a parent’s
“virtual” attendance at a parent education session by videoconference. The
approved parent education provider, if electing to do so, is granted temporary
approval to conduct parent education courses via web video conferencing, using
options such as Zoom and Skype.

Parents may also satisfy the parent education
attendance requirement by completing the 5-hour DVD or online program entitled
KidCare for Co-Parents: An Educational Program for Divorcing Families.

Parents electing to complete the mandatory parent
education requirement by participating via web video conferencing or by KidCare
for Co-Parents: An Educational Program for Divorcing Families DVD or
online program do not need to obtain the Court’s permission.

This is something that can change so be cognizant of
it. The order that I am talking about is Probate and Family Court standing
order 2-20 and it would be important to either talk to your attorney or review
the current law.