When you get a Service Plan or Action Plan many people either just sign it if they need to sign it or refuse to work with DCF. Those are both certainly options and every case is unique. It is not a cookie cutter solution but you are allowed to negotiate the Service Plan and to work either with your attorney and DCF or yourself and DCF to work and find a Service Plan that would be agreeable to all parties. Even if DCF asks you to sign the Service Plan, you can sign but have comments including which tasks you are going to agree to or disagree to. There are advantages and disadvantages of a variety of circumstances that can be put in place.  It is well advised to speak to an attorney before signing a Service Plan or Action Plan or anything similar to that but realizing that your options are not just limited to either signing exactly what DCF  wants you to sign or refusing to sign and refusing to work with DCF.  Those are both options but there are a lot of things in between.