As a family law attorney, I have seen all sorts of parental disagreements about their children in divorce or custody cases. Many times, there have been legal fights about their kid’s diets, video games and dating -never mind therapy, medication, and school. The Corona virus has created a lot of stress for everyone but particularly for parents in high conflict custody and parenting cases.

The courts have had to make decisions about social distancing, school, and parenting schedules. Now that vaccines have been approved for children as young as 12 there will likely be disagreements between parents about whether to have children vaccinated. Obviously, parents should work out the issue together by looking at what is in the child’s best interest. Unfortunately, many parents feel that they need the court to make such decision. The issue seems most likely to arise if the parents have “joint legal custody” in which major decisions that have to make together.

It is relatively easy for everyone to believe their position is correct and the other side is wrong. A first step, if there is a dispute about vaccination is to have both parent talk to their pediatrician about the efficacy of COVID vaccinations for their children. It is also likely that the Court may give great weight to the pediatrician’s recommendation if there is a dispute. Going to a mediator or parenting coordinator might be a better step than going immediately to court.