Right now I am in the middle of a very contentious guardianship case.  It is also dealing with an issue of Do not Resuscitate (“DNR”). One hand the family is arguing that the elder is a practicing catholic and has a viewpoint that she did not want a DNR and has told friends this.  She did not put anything in writing and there are other statements from other friends saying that she may have in fact wanted a DNR. There have been several court dates trying to make the decision because the elder is incapacitated at this time.


            What is in the elders’ best interest and the Judge’s hearing testimony regarding that.  It is a very difficult decision and if there is not a legal document it can end up tearing family and friends apart and making it very difficult on the elder incapacitated person while having some sympathy of documentation providing the answers to the courts and to the parties and it can make it much easier and much easier resolved.