Who can get a Restraining Order (209A) Order in

The Judge can only issue a restraining order where the
Plaintiff and the Defendant were married to one another; where they are living
together; live in the same household; they are related by blood or marriage;
have a child together; have been in a substantive dating relationship or
engagement relationship. If they do not have any of those, they can file what
is called “Harassment Order” which is under the law 258e.

What is the Definition of an Abusive in a Restraining
Order in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts for a Judge to issue a restraining order he/she
has to find abuse; which is defined as:

  1. Attempting to cause or causing physical harm;
  2. Placing another in fear of imminent serious
    physical harm;
  3. Causing another to engage involuntarily in a
    sexual relationship by force, threats or duress.

If the Judge does not find any of these have taken place,
he/she cannot issue the restraining order.