Does Child Support Ends Automatically when a Child turns 18?          

 In Massachusetts the answer is not necessarily. Child support may go up until the age of 23 if the child is a full-time student and there are some legal definitions of when a child is independent or emancipated.

Can the Courts overrule the Child Support Amount in a Separation Agreement?

 Yes.  Although, the courts look at the Agreement to see if it is fair and reasonable and if both parties understand what they are doing, and it is voluntary.  Child support provision in a Separation Agreement are not fixed in stone. The Courts have the authority to protect an unemancipated child’s interest. The Court can reject what is agreed upon for the child support provision.  If the parties are agreeing to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines it does not mean that the Court will, but the Court does have authority.

In a Child Support Case, who needs to Fill Out a Financial Statement?

Both parties are required to fill out a Financial Statement even if one party has zero income and must sign it under the pains and penalties of perjury. The Courts will inquire to make sure that both parties fill out the Financial Statement and that it is true and accurate and both sides have seen the other sides Financial Statement in a child support matter.