How does Divorce Mediation work?

Instead of litigating with each other about every issue and having a Judge decide which can be both costly, time consuming and stressful, a trained mediator will help you and your spouse work together to reach an agreement.  It is teaching the parties how to evaluate their financial situation and future financial needs along with figuring out what is in the children’s best interest that will work with both parents and talking about different relevant issues and options.  The spouses will be the ones that participate in the negotiations. There is not a winner or loser but trying to find a compromise with an acceptable settlement.

The mediator does not act as advocate or a lawyer for either side. Instead they will talk about the different options or choices that each party has and the potential consequences.

In Divorce Mediation do I need an Attorney?

Both parties can obtain independent legal advice during the mediation process or after an agreement is written out.  It is encouraged to have your own individual lawyer review the Agreement and before you sign it to talk about your legal rights because it is a binding contract.  It will be used as a basis of an Uncontested Divorce. It is not required, but it is recommended.

How much Does a Divorce Mediator Cost?

There is a two-hour minimum to draft the divorce paper work, but mediation is based on an hourly basis. The initial half-hour informational session there is no charge; otherwise it is $240/hr.  You can do a pay as you go.

Does Divorce Mediation Require a Retainer?

As an attorney, I do require a retainer, but as a mediator I do not.  You can pay as you go and can stop at any point.  You can pay at the end of each mediation session and can pay with a check, credit card or cash, whatever is most convenient.