Should I try and hide or move my assets to protect them prior to filing for divorce?

 No.  Not only is it unethical to do so, but you could get into trouble because of you filing documents under the pains and penalties of perjury and testifying before the Judge.  In addition, even beyond getting in trouble and the ethical issues, if a Court finds that you are being dishonest or hiding assets, it can have some serious issues regarding your credibility and you could be worse off in the divorce overall and on all other aspects of the divorce.

Can my Spouse and I use one Lawyer?

No. The lawyer can only represent one or the other spouse. Furthermore, even if one party hires a lawyer that lawyer can do the paperwork for that one party and the other party can agree to the Agreement but understanding that the lawyer’s professional obligations and ethics are only to represent their client not the other side and cannot give the other side legal advice.