What is a QDRO?

 A QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.  It is a mechanism that the Courts allow to divide retirement accounts in divorces. The technical requirements and it needs to be approved by the Court and it needs to be in conformity with the retirement account as well.  It is a way to divide retirement accounts through the divorce process that do not incur penalties but divide them into two retirement accounts.

What is the difference between a Divorce and Annulment?

An Annulment is a declaration that the marriage never existed.  For example: if you discover that your spouse is already married to someone else, that renders your marriage invalid and you can seek an Annulment.

A Divorce ends a legal and valid marriage; even if you realize early on that the wedding was a mistake, you still need to go through a divorce.

It is difficult to get an Annulment and you should speak to an attorney about whether an Annulment is a possibility or not.

Are Divorce Records Public?

Yes.  There are parts of it such as financial documents are not public You can also file a request to have your divorce records sealed, but there needs to be specific circumstances for the Court to grant the motion.