I was Divorced some time ago and I am unhappy now with what occurred in terms of a settlement. Can I make changes now?       

That depends. There are parts of the Agreement that survive; which means they can not be changed and that typically consists of divisions of assets, such as a house and things of that nature.

There are parts of a divorce that merge or can be changed which means anything to do with a child, so child custody, parenting time, support or tax dependency exemptions are usually able to be changed if you can show a change in circumstances.  It is important to look at the Agreement and see which provisions merge and which Agreement survive.  Sometimes for example, alimony or spousal support survives meaning it can not be re-addressed in the future; other times it merges, meaning that it can be changed in the future.

I was just laid off from my job and I cannot afford the current child support or spousal support. Can I change the support?

Yes.  You can file a Complaint for Modification explaining the circumstances and seek to have your support obligations addressed based on your current income and it might be a temporary order based on your current income and might be based on your unemployment.  It might only be a temporary order to see what ends up happening with your job down the road, but you should absolutely file a Modification because it can only be changed to the date you filed.

I am unhappy with my current attorney; can I hire somebody else?

Yes.  The court has the ultimate decision-making process, but generally if you hire another attorney they would simply file their Notice of Appearance and your other attorney would file a Motion to Withdraw but is always important to look at the circumstances.