In Massachusetts how do I determine Which County to File
a Divorce? 

It is called a “Venue” which talks about the local
courts and which to file a divorce action. 
In Massachusetts a divorce is filed in what is called the “Probate
and Family Court”
and the appropriate place to file is the county of the
parties last residence of husband and wife. However, if neither party is still living
in the county of where they were together as husband and wife, the parties may
file in the county where either party resides.

Can Husbands receive Alimony?

In Massachusetts divorces there is no difference in terms of
gender and how the courts treat people. 
The same circumstances men can receive alimony. Typically, in large part
it is based on who has the higher income but there are a variety of factors
that can be looked at to determine whether alimony is appropriate including the
length of the marriage and other factors as well.

In Massachusetts if we’re filing an Uncontested Divorce,
does it Require a Court Hearing?

Even in an uncontested case, a court hearing is involved.
The judge has to find that the Agreement itself is “fair and reasonable” to all
parties and that the kids are adequately protected.  The parties do need to both be present in an
uncontested divorce hearing. Although, it is a fairly quick and painless