In Massachusetts can I Stop or Suspend Visits because I
am not getting Child Support?

Massachusetts does not allow you to stop visits even if you
are not getting child support you can file a Contempt action. Other states may
allow that, but not Massachusetts.

One Question People ask is if One Attorney can represent
both myself and my spouse in a Divorce?

In Massachusetts the answer
is no. There is a conflict of interest between the two spouses; even if
everyone tries to cooperate in getting the divorce. A lawyer ethically is not
able to represent both parties because the lawyer has to zealously advocate for
his/her client.  You can have a mediator
and a mediator can be an attorney but would be acting as a mediator not as an
attorney for you. One can attorney can draft an Agreement that is fair to both spouses,
but that attorney would only be able to represent one and telling that spouse
the advantages and disadvantages while allowing the other spouse to hire an
attorney to review it with an attorney.