If there is an Order for Visitation with the other Parent, but the Children do not want to go, does that mean that I do not have to bring them to the Visit?

 No.  If there is a Court Order, you can be found in contempt of court and just because a child does not want to go to the visit, does not allow you to avoid the Court Order.

It depends on the reasoning; sometimes one parent is more strict than the other; if it is a reason that you can present to the Court to change the visitation schedule or parenting schedule because the conduct of the parent or even the age of the children, you can file a Modification asking that it be changed, but failing to follow a Court Order will put you at serious risk of contempt of court where the other parent can bring a contempt action and seek sanctions.

A better situation would be to file a Modification.  If there is an Emergency Order that needs to be put in place, you can go to Court to seek an Emergency Order, but beware, it just cannot be that the child does not want to go visit that parent.

If there a rationale, if that parents are using substances or physical discipline and things like that, you can file something and walk in an Emergency Motion, but the Courts want you to follow the Court Orders.  There needs to be a true emergency to walk in and file an Emergency Motion.