What should I do if DCF is looking like they are going to try and take custody of my Grandchild?

 DCF can be involved with your grandchildren or similar circumstances even if you are an aunt, uncle or other family members.  There is a variation of steps that you can take depending on the circumstances.  Some of the time, if you file a Guardianship in Probate Court before DCF files a court action in Juvenile Court, you maybe able to get underlying custody by showing the allegations and the need for you having a guardianship. You can also look for third party custody in a 72-hour hearing; look to be considered a foster care placement; file for grandparent visitation; you can testify on behalf of the parents depending on the circumstances or help support another family member getting custody or placement.  It is important to speak to an attorney or an advocate and to be proactive because going to court as soon as possible can be beneficial.