What is Termination of Parental Rights in Massachusetts?

 Termination of Parental Rights is the most extreme example that you can have in a child custody case. It can occur in a variation of different circumstances. When Massachusetts or DCF determines that a child is in a situation that is unsafe or is subject to neglect or abandonment and there is no change, even after reasonable efforts to work with the parents where the parents are convicted of a violent felony and where there is a pattern of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

What is Permanency Planning with DCF in Massachusetts?

DCF is obligated to look to see that the state is intervening with a stable, caring and permanent families. The DCF goals are supposed to keep the children with the biological families if possible. However, there are circumstances where DCF can determine a different child custody arrangement; which can include terminating parental rights; open or closed adoption; guardianship; a permanent placement with other family members or placement in a foster care situation.