I have handled a lot of high conflict custody case.  I have represented children , been a guardian ad litem, represented Mother and Fathers as well as grandparents, family members, foster parents, friends of the family and friends of the children.  Custody cases are hard on everyone involved.

It is never easy for the family , attorneys and judges.  Sometimes, the parties are not looking at what is actually in the children best interest or one party is using custody to threaten the other side or as a tactic.  Everyone needs to realize that custody battles are hard for the children.

Most of the time  there is a lot of different issues involved in custody.  A component is to be able to present your case in a way that is convincing to the court.  The age of a child is a big factor.  If you have unbiased witnesses and records, it can be very helpful.  Teachers, therapist and doctors are very good sources.  Best friends and grandparents can be helpful but are generally not as helpful.  Remember you have to present to the court what is in a child’s best interest.