Holidays have a lot of good things about them but as everyone know can be very stressful.  I am a lawyer who helps people in trouble.  One of the most troubling times for people is during and after the holiday season.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for an attorney as people are dealing with many issues with family and finances.  A lot of people also wait until after the holidays to file for divorce, bankruptcy and more. 

 A lawyer is not a counselor and can not tell you whether  this is right for you emotionally but can tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages.   There is a lot of information that is useful to think about.  The more information about your finances regarding incomes, assets, liabilities and expenses will be a large part of any discussion.  Looking at what the best case scenario, worst case and in between scenario if you do not file and the same if you do file is a good way to explore some of your options.  Most lawyers, including myself, offer a free initial meeting but if you have some of this information it will help the lawyer to advise you.