If you are living in Massachusetts but you are married to a
spouse who is living outside of the country is it hard to get a divorce?  It depends. 
The requirement for getting a divorce in Massachusetts is one of the
parties has to have lived in Massachusetts for the past year.  You could go about the process if you lived
in Massachusetts for the last year.

If your spouse lived in state it is a pretty easy process as
an uncontested divorce where you can have an attorney draft the documents and have
your spouse sign them and putting them in as an uncontested divorce and even
having potentially having your spouse attendance waived for the final appearance
in Massachusetts.

The more difficult process can be if it is a contested
divorce and that is the same as there is a process that you need to go through
in terms of service on your spouse and things of that nature.

Another question that people have in an international
divorce is if you have to register your divorce in the other country and part
of it depends on whether or not you plan to go back to that country and if you
do, it would be advised to register your divorce there; particularly if you are
planning on remarrying in that country. 
That is a process that you might need to talk to an attorney about.