In Massachusetts you have to file something called “Complaint for Annulment” in Probate and Family Court for the county that you and your spouse lives; or if one spouse still lives in the county that the couple last lived together the Complaint should be filed in that county.  You can get the Complaint for Annulment in Probate and Family Court at either at the courthouse or on line off the website from Bristol County Probate and Family court website or whatever county that you are in. You have to fill out the Complaint for the Annulment along with some other related paperwork, file it with the court and then serve a copy of the Complaint with the clerk at the Probate and Family court.  Your spouse can answer and either agree or disagree with the annulment but a judge has to decide and would only grant the annulment if you are able to show the legal grounds for Annulment in your Complaint and the judge believes that you have proven your grounds.