Client information records is something that DCF keeps; particularly when it is related to a child that is in a care and custody matter of DCF. There is also information in something that is called the “Central Registry”. This is where it is confirmed the alleged victims of child abuse or neglect.

Examples of some of these things can include: the social records, evaluations, psychiatric or psychological reports. There can be video tapes, transcripts, audio recordings at the time of a child’s statement of abuse, medical records and such.

They also can include a variety of other ancillary records and those records can generally be requested from the legal division of DCF. For information that is authorized by a parent or child, a parent or a legal guardian can consent in writing to release the information from their DCF records and an emancipated child, which means an independent child that is 18 or older can also provide a written consent to the attorney. There is generally something called a “Signing a Release of Information Records” or “Consent for Disclosure”. The consents might vary depending upon what is being looked for.

The parents and an emancipated child are also entitled to request a copy of their records, pending on if it is for a Fair Hearing Appeal, or after a supported/unsupported 51A or other records. Sometimes it can take significantly longer for a parent, legal guardian or an emancipated child to get a copy of their records and there might be more redactions in them. The request would need to be in writing to either the area office or the Fair Hearing Appeal Division and needs to have certain criteria in it.