I had more cases recently where there have been issues regarding identity theft.  There are some common-sense things that people can do.


One of them is too try not to share your Social Security number unless it is necessary, including on court paperwork. Also, avoid having your Social Security card or Medicaid card with you unless you need it for something specific. There have been situations where people including the elderly have been asked to respond over the phone and asked information that is supposedly from a bank or a financial institution, but many times it is not.


Be very careful about sharing any confidential information over the phone, unless you are certain that you are talking to the appropriate person. There are a lot of phone and email scams. This is something that people do often, but you should lock your mailbox, avoid leaving your wallet or mobile phone in your car.  Many times, if you get a password manager, rather than having common passwords; particularly for your smartphone or other things that might have your passwords in it.


Having appropriate protective software for your computer and not revealing too much personal information to anyone that you do not know, such as companies and things of that nature sometimes they will try and get personal information to hack other aspects.