A Massachusetts law
does require if you need to make an oral report to DCF if in your professional
capacity you have a reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of
18 is suffering from abuse or neglect and an original report is supposed to be
submitted within 48 hours.

In addition, to
filing with DCF a Mandated Reporter is also having to report a death as the
result of abuse or neglect to the local DA’s office and to the office of the
medical examiner.  Mandated reporters who
are staff members of public or private institutions or medical institutions,
schools or facilities must notify DCF directly or notify the person in charge
of the institution at the school or facility who then would become responsible
for filing the report.

Should the person in
charge advise against the filing, the staff member still retains the right to
contact DCF directly and notify the police or the office of child advocate.