You can get a Fair Hearing that are described in other blogs in certain kinds of DCF decisions, but there is the opportunity to file something called “Grievance Process” and for example: you can file a Grievance, depending on how DCF is treating you, but again, you want to be really careful before you just file a Grievance. You would file a written complaint at the office that you are complaining about and either the DCF area office, the regional office; or it could be the contractor provider office; meaning if they are an agency that provides DCF services, sometimes in the DCF Foster Care Review you have to file that complaint in writing within 30 days of when you had the problem. DCF is supposed to send you its decision within 21 days. Again, this is something that you should talk to an attorney about before doing because there are many drawbacks to doing it as well.

You also have some options if you have questions or concerns with DCF of filing something with the office of Ombudsman. This is where if you have tried to deal with a local DCF office and you are still unhappy with them, you can make the concern to the Ombudsman. Again, the Grievance process generally is something that I would recommend as doing as a last resort and only after talking it over with your attorney.