In Massachusetts if child support has never been ordered
then whether it is retroactive support will depend in large part about whether
the child was born during the marriage or out of wedlock. There is a
presumption in Massachusetts that married couples will support each other and
the children and therefore child support can only be requested in the divorce
case after the date of service of the Complaint for the Divorce unless
some very limited circumstances such as the parties voluntarily agree

However, in Massachusetts if the child is born out of
wedlock which is considered a paternity type of a case retroactive child
support maybe owed.  Particularly, if
they are showing that the parent has not been supporting the child and not
living with the child. Retroactive child support can go all the way back to a child’s
birth; even if a case has not been filed until the child is much older. This
can be difficult to determine the amount, but it can end up being a significant
child support back order.