Types of Personal Injury Cases

Posted by: Alex in MyBlog on Dec 16, 2011

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           There are a variety of personal injury cases that you can file a law suit for where you might be entitled to damages and this is basically any time that you have been injured to someone else’s negligence. If you speak to a personal injury attorney, they can help you decide on whether you have a case, whether you can likely be able to win or not and what you can reasonably expect to get.


           Some of the time there are different reasons to file the personal injury case.  A common example is an automobile accident; where if you got hurt in an accident, that was not your fault and you can sue for damage. If the other driver was not insured and insurance company trivializes your damages or your claim there are a variety of options that you have.


           For Worker’s Comp, means accidents at work and that is associated with work place accidents; because, in particularly, it is related to employee’s reckless action or negligence, you can by-pass the Worker’s Comp System and sue the employer directly.


           There is also slip and fall accidents where the facility is properly maintained with an eye towards public safety.  Assault, if someone physically assaults you, you can sue for damages in civil court and you can also look at what has happened with the criminal case.  In addition there are product defects, malpractice and things of that nature.