I just had recently had a Clerk Magistrate’s hearing and it would be important for both adults and students to realize the potential consequences that if you knowingly transport someone with alcohol, even if you are not drinking or under the influence or holding onto the alcohol that there is a strong likelihood that you will get charged and potentially convicted. Even if someone is bringing friends, if they realize and have to have control over the alcohol aspect, if alcohol is in the front passenger seat and things like that.  Even if that the driver is not the user of the alcohol or bought the alcohol, they can be considered a minor transporting the alcohol issues and it is one that some juveniles and parents don’t fully understand the implications. 


            There is a potential for a loss of license on that and generally a fine beyond that, but it can also impact a young adult’s future with regards to not only a loss of a license, but also would potentially have to be given to colleges, scholarships or high school or things of that nature.  It is very important to figure out a head of time what the issues would be while driving friends and things like that and they need to be explained clearly the criminal liability that may occur.