Starting a check list for Divorce/Separation Agreement. The first two aspects of it includes:

1. Identifying information such as the names and addresses of the parties; along with the date and place of the marriage.
2. The names and dates of birth of the children.

The second provision is regarding custody.

1. That has several parts including legal custody and physical custody along.
2. A parenting plan that includes where the children are going to spend time including, weekdays, weekends, birthdays, holidays and vacations; and
3. Transportation issues.

Another would be to talk about:

1. What is going on both currently and in the future?
2. When each party has access to the children and when they are with the other parent, such as phone calls or skyping and things of that nature.

Another provision is Relocation:

1. Which means moving to a different location or traveling outside of Massachusetts.
2. How much time would be needed?

Another issue would be access to the children’s records including:

1. Who has access to the children’s Medical and school records?
2. How emergency decisions would be made?
3. What about religion and religious training’s?
4. What sort of contact with third parties along with some other issues?