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Suzanne Teixeira

Suzanne Teixeira serves as a legal secretary in my office. She was born in Brockton, but spent most of her formative years in Taunton. She graduated from Taunton High School Magna Cum Laude. She began employment in 1965 with Mount Hope Machinery Company as a teletype operator handling the billing for three divisions of the company and retired from that position to become a stay at home mom in 1973 to raise her children. Before joining my firm, she was formerly employed by the Law Offices of O’Boy & Moniz from 1979 through 2009. She has been helping people in the Greater Taunton area through her work in law offices for over thirty four years, interacting one to one with clients on a daily basis. She is highly knowledgeable of the law and extremely proficient in generating and responding to discovery requests and in assisting attorneys in all procedural phases of litigation and preparation for trial. She believes that, despite the number of cases any law firm is handling, no case is more important to an individual client than that client’s case.. When not working, she devotes all of her time and energies to activities involving her family, with a special emphasis on her five grandchildren.