Comparing the law and the cartoon family the Simpson’s may help animate different areas.  To start with we should look at Bart Simpson.  Looking at Bart and his behavior could easily lead issues at school.  If Bart was charged with a crime there needs to be looking at the school for possible suspensions and expulsions.  There are issues that need to be addressed that there is no fundamental right to education under MA Law.  When a student is exploited pursuant to MGL c 71 37H and H1/2 no public school in the commonwealth is required to educate him/her.  Children as young as age 10 have been permanently expelled from school under the state’s zero tolerance.  The power to expel children from school is delegated to principals, superintendents and school committees.  That would be Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmer.

There are lots of issues with Bart.  There should be a determination of whether he has an IEP or any type of special education or whether he should have one.  There is significantly more protections for a child with an IEP.  A parent should request an evaluation if there appears to be possible issues with him that might make an IEP necessary.  Requesting an IEP can help a lot with due process issues for Bart.  Getting his school records is a necessary step.  An IEP or special education does not necessarily deal with a students intelligence- there can be a need on issues unrelated to school work such as ADHD, and sometimes behavioral and emotional issues. Given all of Bart’s issues in school in the past -there would appear to be a high probability that he would qualify for special education that may lessen the impact of any school discipline.