My law practice has been very busy the last few weeks.  In criminal courts, some highlights include a very serious felony charge that was dismissed based on my motion and arguments and legal memo on lack of speedy trial, I also had an A&B case dismissed, had a juvenile case with diversion prior to arraignment, had a dismissal on a old Ope. after suspension prior to arraignment , had discovery motions allowed on a 5th offense OUI with a hope to go back for new trial on some of the underling cases along with other cases.

In Juvenile Court, I am in the middle of so far a 6 day trial representing a prior foster care family seeking a contested adoption with DCF.  There have been several experts in the case.  On expert said if that person was ever in trouble I would be the lawyer hired.  I have had two C&P’s dismissed and had one other termination of parental rights trial.

In Probate Court, I have had temporary motions on several cases involving custody and support.  In addition, I have had pretrial dealing with middle class estates and cases involving well over two million dollars.  I have also filed contempt and modifications.  Further, I have been appointed as a GAL on one case involving child custody and one involving a conservatorship of an elderly women.  I have also worked one several meditations and several uncontested divorces( two went through).

For Bankruptcy, I have been working on several new Chapter 7’s and a Chapter 13.