You see a lot on TV’s, movies and in the media that sensationalizes adultery or a fault base divorce with examples of full blow trials and all sorts of allegations. However, the vast majority of divorces sight irreconcilable differences, which is saying that the parties can not remain married. It is generally considered an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage; it would be considered a blameless divorce rather getting into the issues of the other parties misconduct.

In Massachusetts, the conduct of the parties’ matters, but at a much less extent then most couples in a divorce case expects. It has more of an impact if there is a custody issue, or particularly, if the conduct involves very poor conduct with money; such as gambling, using the marital assets for drugs and things of that nature. In general, the irretrievable breakdown or irreconcilable differences is much less expensive, contentious and emotionally draining on the parties then getting into conduct based divorces; which are necessary sometimes, but in very minor amount of court cases.