DCF has had very bad publicity recently. Whether the news about DCF is accurate or not, it has changed the landscape of how DCF is handling cases. DCF is much more likely to be more actively involved in families’ lives and the courts have seen a huge increase in the amount of Care and Protections filings. The Juvenile Court has been overloaded with cases. Many of the filings are borderline. Whether the additional filings are good or not is disputable. However, right now there is a fear with DCF that anything close to be filed should be. It is important to recognize this when dealing with DCF and taking proactive steps.

I have tried to be involved earlier than normal including helping more clients with the 51A investigation, fair hearing appeal and working to be able to get the information for DCF to close the case out ASAP. In addition, there is a stronger ability to win the 72 hour hearings ( although the cases are taking too long with the backlog).