There are some possible outcomes; including returning the child to your custody; place the child with another parent; place the child with a relative; or a family friend. You can order a Guardianship for your child; place the child in DCF legal custody until the child is 18; at which it can be reviewed under something that is called “Review and Redetermination” or in the worst case, could terminate your parental rights, meaning your parental rights are terminated and you cannot go back to look for custody.

There are options other than going to trial. Many cases do not go forward to trial. Many times, DCF and the parents are able to reach an agreement as things go on; where the children are placed back with the parents and the case would be dismissed by agreement. Many cases settle by agreement of the parties with conditional custody. Sometimes they can result in Open Adoption Agreements; some result in Guardianships or Third-Party Custody. There are a variety of different options that should be explored.