The DCF 51A/51B Investigation is supposed to be completed within 15 working days after the intake. However, in reality that does not always occur.  DCF has to make a determination whether the allegations are supported or unsupported or a substantiated concern. 

If it is supported that means that there is a reasonable cause to believe that the incident of abuse or neglect did occur and there are a variety of things that DCF needs to do and then would determine whether or not to open the case for an assessment and an action plan with the family.  They can also support it and close the case out.

If it is a substantiated concern rather than support, the allegation means that there is reasonable cause to believe that there is potential, abuse or neglect, but no immediate danger to the child’s safety or wellbeing.  On a substantiated concern you are also not listed on the registry of perpetrators.  DCF will still do an assessment and an action plan.

If the allegations are unsupported the allegations mean that there is no reasonable cause to believe that the child was abused or neglected; or that the person believed responsible for the abuse or neglect is not a parent or caregiver for the child.