There is an Ombudsman office and their phone number is (617) 748-2444 or the email is They are an avenue beyond the DCF office that you can contact for different aspects of the case; including issues with DCF office, the policies, actions or service plan that is being involved with. It is not a first step and I would recommend that you speak to an attorney before contacting the Ombudsman’s office.

Sometimes you can file with a Fair Hearing Request where a 51A is supported.  The phone number for the Fair Hearing Office is (617) 748-2030.

If it has been a substantiated concern but not supported, you can file an “Aggrievance Process” in which you would be sending this within 30 days to the area office.  You would have to describe the reason that you have an issue, the date that it occurred and other information.  You can also contact the DCF worker, the worker’s supervisor or even the area director for that particular office.

Again, before contacting people it would be advised to understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing that and which particular person or people to contact.