If your alleged to violate the Restraining Order that is an
alleged criminal offense.  There are a
variety of different ways that it can be alleged, and it depends on what the
terms of the Restraining Order are.  If
there is a no contact order, certainly any phone, text, in person,
having third parties contact the Plaintiff can all be considered violations so
long with other types of communication. 
If contact is allowed, but just a no abuse provision if there is an
allegation of assault or assault and battery that can only be a criminal
charge, it can also be a violation of the Restraining Order.  There can also be some situations where it
could include verbal arguments or threats to the Plaintiff in certain cases.

There can also be an argument about shutting off or not
paying bills of the home where the Plaintiff is living even if the home is in
your name or the utilities are in your name. You need to be very careful about
any change to any of the utilities or other bills.