What ends up happening is there is going to be a DCF worker assigned to look into the 51A report and they are supposed to provide a Notice of Response letter that will state the child’s name, the allegations, the parent or caregiver associated with the allegation and signed by the DCF worker appointed to investigate the matter. That is supposed to be given at the time that a parent or caregiver meets with DCF.

The DCF response worker should meet with the child who is subject to the investigation within three (3) working days after the allegation has been screened-in. 

The DCF response worker is supposed to determine the nature and extent of the cause or causes of the alleged abuse or neglect, the identity of the people or persons that is alleged to be responsible for that, the name, age and conditions of other children in the home and other pertinent facts related to the household and whether or not the allegation should be supported, unsupported or a substantiated concern.