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There are a lot of factors in hiring an attorney.  You want to determine what you are looking for in an attorney.  You should ask about the lawyers experience in your field.  It is advisable to bring questions written down so that you can cover the areas that are needed.  You should make sure that any fee agreement is written and that you have a copy of the agreement.  Cost may not be a determining factor but is certainly important to make sure you have a clear understanding.

You also should try and get a feel for how the communication will go with the lawyer.  Will you be dealing mostly with a paralegal or secretary or with the attorney. How quickly will the lawyer get back to you.  What is the size of the firm.  What style does the attorney have.  Are you looking to try and settle the case or looking to go to trial?  What is the attorney's outlook on cases?  Does the personality mesh with the attorney?  These are just some of the questions you should be looking at when hiring an attorney.

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Appearance should not matter in life.  Appearance certainly should not matter in court in the justice system but it does.  You should dress conservatively as though going to a conservative religious service.  The goal is not to look stylish but to show respect to the court.  You do not need to buy a new suit or dress but you should dress up.  Do not wear a lot of jewelry or expensive items. 

In family court, try and avoid bringing young children.   Bringing support is a good thing but be careful about significant others, particularly if no it involves an ex.  You generally can not bring a friend or relative with you while negotiating or when in front of the judge.

Make sure to arrive Early for court to find parking and to wait in line for a metal detector.  Expect to be waiting in court for a while. 

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