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Attorney Alexander Nesson offers a quick, inexpensive and peaceful alternative to litigation. Attorney Nesson helps parties approach the divorce and/or other issues together--working to reach a reasonable solution to disputes.

The initial consultation is free and both parties will be provided an information packet. Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties make the decisions. Participants will receive the legal, financial and parenting information needed to create an agreement. Attorney Nesson will draft a "separation agreement" to your specification.

Alexander Nesson has an extensive background mediating cases. He has coordinated two high school peer mediation programs. He has taught and trained students and adults in the areas of mediation and dispute resolution. He is a present and past member of a variety of mediation and bar associations. He has frequently been appointed by the courts as a GAL or court investigator and is a member of the MA GAL association. Attorney Nesson's experience with divorce and family law, brings an invaluable expertise to the mediation process.

Your agreement will be comprehensive and include:

  • Legal custody of minor children
  • Physical custody and parenting schedules
  • Child support
  • College costs, educational trusts, and custodial accounts
  • Tax deductions/exemptions
  • Martial residence: buyout, transfer, sale, joint ownership, tax consequences
  • Capital gains tax consequences upon sales and transfers of property
  • Medical insurance coverage for children
  • Medical coverage for divorced ex-spouse
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Alimonyistock_000000238455xsmall
  • Self-employed, family or other business
  • Retirement/pension plans: 401(k), 403(b) TIAA-CREF, IRA and other plans
  • Brokerage, bank and investment accounts
  • Stock options, stocks, bonds and funds, life insurance cash surrender value
  • Federal and Massachusetts taxes
  • Trusts: beneficial interests, irrevocable and revocable
  • Investment/rental property
  • Vehicles, house contents, and miscellaneous assets

Liabilities: charge card debt, car loans and lease, mortgage and equity line, promissory note, educational debt, and all other debt

Mediation Documents

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