Criminal, Juvenile & DSS Cases
iStock_000007469558XSmallAttorney Nesson defends accused individuals with the outmost compassion. His extensive experience as a trial litigator provides him with the knowledge and skills to argue any type of case. Criminal, Juvenile & DSS cases, in particular, may include substantial trial work to restore a client’s rights, and in some cases, may even lead to acceptable settlements.

Attorney Nesson provides his clients with insights into legal defenses often overlooked. He will discuss the appropriate defense strategy for a particular case, including but not limited to, motions for illegal stops or arrests, unlawful searches & seizures, and false statements.

Juveniles can be prosecuted for any of the same crimes that adults can. The goal of the juvenile system is to rehabilitate. The police, probation officers and prosecutors are very aggressive in their prosecution of juveniles. An experienced lawyer, with knowledge and experience in juvenile law, is better suited to defend young adults and minors.